Professional CPR is your trusted trainer for CPR Classes in Fair Oaks. We have delivered CPR classes, BLS classes, First Aid classes and other safety classes to hundreds of people and organizations in Fair Oaks since 2001.

The reason our Fair Oaks CPR training classes are considered the best is that we us local First Responders to teach your class. They bring the on-the-job, real world CPR and BLS experience that can literally mean the difference between life and death. Our Fair Oaks CPR classes will give you the necessary skills to handle a CPR emergency quickly and effectively and provide you the necessary certification for your job and credibility.

Businesses and organizations throughout Fair Oaks experience on-site emergencies that require a person trained and with the proper certification in CPR and First Aid. When your employees are trained by our First Responders, they’ll have the common sense knowledge and training they need to apply effective, life-saving techniques to people in need in the Fair Oaks area.